Now, more than ever, we need a place to reflect, tune in and connect. Our online community offers us a safe way to move our bodies, improve stress-reduction and connect with one another.  I offer weekly group classes, bi-weekly and monthly support groups and specialized programs to meet your mental and physical needs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am here to help you find the class that fits your needs. 

We will be offering several outdoor, in- person yoga offerings this Summer. 

Weekly & Bi- Weekly Yoga Classes

Baby & Me/ Toddler Yoga


We are taking this class outside for the Summer and will meet weekly on Fridays on the beautiful lawn of the Charlotte- Genesee Lighthouse. This class s a dedicated space for moms to reconnect to their bodies, bond with their little ones and socialize with other mamas. This special yoga practice incorporates  some infant massage techniques, partner poses, songs, games and stories to engage your little one in the practice. For those mamas in the 4th trimester, I specifically incorporate movements and poses to safely heal diastasis- recti and pelvic floor and for mamas with bigger babes and toddlers, I incorporate poses to increase strength and flexibility. For babies, we incorporate movements and massage to address digestion and sleep and for toddlers we focus on gross motor development and emotion regulation. Siblings are welcome!

Vinyasa Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

I offer mothers a quiet place to turn their focus inward and bond with their child, while strengthening their bodies and utilizing their breath to prepare for birth. Research shows significant benefits of participating prenatal yoga, including; increased comfort, decrease in premature births, and improved health of both mom and baby. These classes offer women time to be comfortable with the changes in their bodies and bond with other expectant mothers. Currently, I am offering these classes virtually and we have created a beautiful, supportive community, recognizing the value of this connection, during pregnancy. This class is suitable for women who have prior yoga experience, as well as beginners. Women can participate as early or as late in pregnancy as desired, depending on comfort level. 


In this 60 minute class, you are welcome to move your body to the rhythm of your breath. As your guide, we will offer sequences connected with vinyasa flow and set to beautiful music. We encourage you to listen to your body and take from class what best serves you that day. Sometimes, you might need a challenging class full of opportunities that push you past what you thought you were capable of; other days, you might need a slow flow that helps you relax and revitalize. 

This class allows you to tune into your physical body, your emotions and thoughts to gain a deep awareness of yourself. 

We will be offering this class virtually and in person- on the beach this Summer, so be sure to check out our schedule!

Support Groups

Yoga After Pregnancy/ 

Infant Loss

Boys Mindfulness & Art Group
Teen Boys Smiling

This is a special opportunity for expecting couples to connect to each other and their little one(s) through movement, massage, breath work and meditation. Both partners learn useful tools for managing pain and stress and supporting one another through one of life's most transformative experiences (birth and parenting). This can be done in your home or virtually. 

Cost is $80 for 75 mins. 

Yoga at Home

This group for any woman who has experienced the loss of a child during pregnancy or after birth. Together, we create a safe space to move and heal our minds, bodies, and hearts. 
Yoga has long been a tool to encourage healing and this class is specifically tailored to women in all parts of their healing journey. We use breathing exercises, movements, yoga poses and meditation to connect with our own selves, release emotions and find peace in the midst of grief. 

This is a skills based group for boys ages 7-12, to gain effective ways to express and manage emotions. We incorporate mindfulness, breathing exercises and art directives to integrate these skills. 

Cost is $35 for 60 min group. 

Social- Emotional Learning Groups

Happy Kids Huddle

This 8 week group provides children with the words and ability to more effectively express emotions. practical and effective skills for calming during moments of distress and tools to improve focus.

Based on Mindful- Based Stress Reduction and the Social- emotional Educational Toolkit, this group offers a creative and fun environment to discuss challenges and support each other.

Each week we tackle a new skill and use art, stories, journaling, games, movement and music to integrate these themes. 

Ages 6-9 on Wednesdays at 9:30- 10:30 am

Ages 10-12 on Thursdays at 4-5pm

$200 per child per session

Individual Services

Trauma- Informed


Healing Arts Sessions
Ashtanga Yoga
Art Class

In addition to weekly yoga classes, Nora also offers Trauma- Informed Yoga sessions for individuals who have experienced abuse, the loss of a child and/or birth trauma. Trauma is something that is experienced within the body and this type of body work can be extremely effective in processing the trauma, reducing physical symptoms, reconnecting with your body and ultimately improving the healing process.

Nora provides an individual and holistic approach to this work, partnering with each participant and creating sequences, breath work and meditations tailored to the needs of the individual. This work can be done in person or virtually. 

Cost is $80 for 60 mins.

I provide an individualized and holistic approach to supporting individuals who have experienced trauma. By utilizing creative modalities along with various models of therapy, healing is promoted within mind, body and soul. Please feel free to reach to me and we can discuss how these services can benefit your healing journey. 

Cost is $80 for 60 mins. 

Couple's Prenatal Yoga