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Flower City Yoga was founded in 2014, as a space to support individuals of all ages and levels in improving overall health. Over the last several  years, I have met the love of my life, became a mama, suffered miscarriages, survived PostPartum Anxiety, underwent fertility treatment, added business partners, let go of business partners, occupied 3 different physical studios and adapted to a global pandemic. Through all of this, my mission has stayed true and has become deeper and more defined. My passion is supporting women through all phases of life, in mind, body and soul. Currently, I am leading weekly classes, bi-weekly and monthly support groups via Zoom. This format has proven to be a place where we can all safely connect and support one another. I invite you to join our amazing community. 


Our Mission

Since COVID has surfaced, the way that we offer services has changed, but our mission has remained the same. I am a woman who believes in the power of sisterhood. I believe in supporting and loving each other through all of our choices, free of judgement. I believe we are stronger together and collaborate with other providers in our community to provide comprehensive support.

Together, we have created an environment to foster well-being, within mind, body and soul. While we no longer have a permanent studio space, we continue to build this community through virtual classes and groups. This is a safe space for us all to connect, share and learn from each other. 

Classes and support groups are open to all ages and levels. We offer the following; 

Adult Yoga

Baby & Me Yoga

Postpartum Healing 

Prenatal Yoga

Kids Yoga Club

Teen Yoga Club

 Now, more than ever we need a place to unwind, release stress and connect. We honor you for where you are in this process and all of our services are offered via zoom. Classes and groups are currently being offered just by our owner/ founder, Nora Doebrich.