Christy Neu

Kids Yoga Instructor

Christy is a certified Kids Yoga Instructor, Elementary Teacher, Mindfulness in Education Coach and founder of Healthy Mind Space; a space dedicated to helping educators,  parents and children take a breath so that they can bloom. Christy is also a twin mom to beautifully diverse four year old girls. They are the inspiration on her journey of spreading the power of mindfulness through the breath and movement. 

As a teacher of 15 years with Hilton Central School, Christy witnessed the social emotional challenges that her 3rd and 4th grade students faced. They would often come into school anxiety ridden, depressed or overwhelmed trying to meet the expectations of their peers, teachers and/or parents. The troubling part of teaching was seeing how many students lacked the awareness to connect with their emotions - or ability to manage the emotions - which could inhibit their learning. After ten years, she made the decision to move grade levels and teach our youngest students in PreK. The fundamental goal of this change was to help shift the current trajectory of our children’s social emotional state to include more self-awareness and self-management. With this move, she has dedicated herself to supporting children in building a mindfulness foundation which offers the powerful benefits of increased attention control, emotional regulation, presence and compassion. 

Alongside her Mindfulness in Education certification through Mindful Schools, she also earned her Yoga for Kids certification through Kidding Around Yoga in 2018. She has been teaching public and private sessions since. 

With her many years of teaching experience, Christy’s classes offer humor, compassion,  creativity, differentiation, connection - within yourself and with others and community awareness. You never know when you may drop into a class where a creative project is going to take place to support a local charity!

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