April Zeller Debes

Essentrics Instructor

I discovered Essentrics several years ago when a shoulder injury made most of the other exercise I was doing inaccessible. Over time, not only did my shoulder heal but I started to notice lots of other changes. I had more energy, I felt relaxed and easy in my body, my posture improved along with my strength and flexibility.  Maybe most importantly a lot of little chronic pains I had come to accept, in my neck, my knee, my shoulder blade, my hip, my ankle went away.  I was hooked!  The desire to understand how and why Essentrics is able to make me feel this way led me down the road to becoming a teacher.  

I hope you’ll decide to join me for a class!  If you do, please know that my personal philosophy about exercise and movement is that it should make you feel good and joyful, both while you’re doing it and after you’re done.  It should uplift you. We all come to class for different reasons, some of us have specific health goals, to relieve stress, gain strength, or improve flexibility.   Some of us want to change the way our bodies look, slenderize our waists, tone our arms, develop long lean leg muscles. Some of us just want to feel better. Essentrics can help us do all of these things and each class we get to decide again why we’re there.  You’ll always have permission to be exactly where you are. If you want to be gentle and work on circulation and mobility, yes.  If you want to challenge yourself and deep dive into strengthening and toning, yes. If you’re somewhere in the middle, yes. 

I am married to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Jordan Debes.  We grew up in Rochester and met while we were both at Wilson Magnet High school.  Now we live in West Irondequoit with our two children Jack and Vivian.

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